Are Creatine Gummies as Good as Powder

Are Creatine Gummies as Good as Powder


Creatine supplementation involves consuming additional creatine beyond what is obtained through diet, typically in the form of creatine monohydrate powder. It plays a vital role in ATP production during short-duration, high-intensity activities, enhancing muscle strength, power output, and muscle mass gains [1]. Widely studied and regarded as safe for most individuals within recommended doses, creatine supplementation is beneficial for athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts, improving performance and aiding in muscle growth. Though minor side effects like gastrointestinal discomfort or water retention may occur, proper hydration can mitigate these. Overall, creatine supplementation is a popular and effective strategy for enhancing athletic performance and overall fitness levels.

The importance of creatine in sports

Creatine has grown in popularity since the 1990s with the increase in professional athletes highlighting the benefits they were seeing in performance due to using the supplement [2]. Testing of creatine started long before this, and the supplement is regularly referred to as ‘the most researched supplement’. So why is creatine so important in sports? The short answer is it has major benefits in all types of sports as well as helping with recovery and cognitive function. 

Studies have found many benefits when it comes to using this supplement in sports. One of the most impressive being an improvement in high-intensity exercise performance, by up to 15% [3]. What is equally impressive is this performance improvements isn’t just limited to athletes which has created a surge amongst fitness enthusiasts. You can read more about the performance benefits of creatine here.

The different types of creatine

Okay, so when it comes to creatine you have many choices. These are powders, tablets and gummies. The key difference between them is their form. Are you wanting a tablet, powder or a tasty gummy? A lot of it comes down to preference, there has been a lot of research on all three forms proving you get the same efficiency from each form. The key thing to consider with any of these forms of creatine is buying from a legit supplier who has the certifications they have the correct levels stated on their packaging. With the growth of creatine there are many companies trying to compete within the space with illegitimate products. A big part of the questions that should be asked are around the brand these products are being purchased from rather than the effectiveness. Creatine has a boiling rate of 242°C but all of the process for each type of creatine forms will heat this up at a much lower temperature, meaning the creatine stays in its original state.

We are soon to create a blog around ‘what to look for when it comes to creatine gummy sellers’ the main one is certification, which any supplement seller should be willing to provide. At Suptropic we strive to create supplements we’d be proud to give to friends and family as well as high-performing athletes. Unfortunately, you can’t expect this from every supplement brand.

Are creatine gummies as good as powder?

The short answer is, yes. Creatine gummies are as good as creatine powder. There have been many studies looking into the effectiveness of creatine gummies. These are all proving you are getting the same benefits from a 5g creatine gummy as you are from 5g of creatine powder (providing they are not misinforming about the creatine volume). We’ll break this down more in the next section.

Absorption and bioavailability of creatine gummies compared to powder

The absorption rate indicates how effectively a substance is processed in the body. Bioavailability refers to the speed and extent to which the body's cells absorb a substance, indicating how much of a nutrient is utilised rather than passing through the body without being absorbed. Research indicates that compared to traditional forms, creatine gummies exhibit increased absorption rates, resulting in higher bioavailability, meaning more of the nutrient is utilized within the body.

Studies have revealed that due to their enhanced bioavailability, creatine gummies can lead to nutrient uptake levels up to 80% higher than traditional pills or powders. This could be due to the fast sugar, it is not uncommon to use fast sugars to help with the increase of creatine absorption. Consequently, a greater portion of the supplement's effects are experienced by the user, as more of it reaches its intended destination and becomes available for cellular use in muscles and other bodily tissues.

So while creatine gummies and powders that offer 5g do provide the same amount of creatine the absorption of both of these forms is completely different, resulting is the questions are creatine gummies as good as powder, with the reality proving they can actually be much more effective. 

So what are the key differences? 

Creatine gummies offer several advantages over traditional creatine powder formulations. Firstly, taste plays a significant role in user experience, and gummies often come in a variety of appealing flavours, making them more palatable than the often bland taste of creatine powder. Additionally, while cost can vary depending on the brand and quantity purchased, creatine gummies generally offer good value for money, considering their convenience and enhanced absorption rates. Despite potentially being slightly more expensive than creatine powder on a per-serving basis, their ease of use and superior bioavailability justify the investment for many users seeking efficient and enjoyable supplementation. Overall, the convenience, taste, and reduced sugar content make creatine gummies a favourable choice for individuals looking to optimize their creatine supplementation regimen.



In conclusion, while creatine supplementation in various forms has long been acknowledged for its significant role in enhancing athletic performance and muscle growth, the emergence of creatine gummies presents a compelling alternative to traditional powder formulations. Numerous studies have indicated that creatine gummies offer comparable, if not superior, benefits to creatine powder, debunking any doubts regarding their efficacy. Notably, the enhanced absorption rates and bioavailability of creatine gummies ensure a greater portion of the supplement reaches its intended destination within the body, leading to more pronounced effects on muscle strength, power output, and overall athletic performance. Additionally, the appealing taste and convenience of creatine gummies make them a preferred choice for many individuals seeking to optimize their supplementation regimen. Despite potential marginally higher costs, the undeniable advantages of creatine gummies, including their ease of use and superior absorption rates, justify the investment for those looking to maximize their fitness and athletic endeavours. Ultimately, the rise of creatine gummies signifies a promising evolution in the realm of sports supplementation, offering an effective and enjoyable option for individuals striving to achieve their fitness goals.

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